Tour Stop 148 | Michael Bublé Documentary

I was really pleased to be part of the team who have been worked on the documentary directed by Brett Sullivan. Thanks to him and and the company where I was working for Steam Motion And Sound London for choosing me to work on the color grading of this movie. Tour Stop 148 presents a front row seat to the superstar’s phenomenally successful sold out To Be Loved Tour which concluded in 2015 and was seen globally by over two million fans.Tour Stop 148 gives his global legions of fans the chance to not only see the concert performances of some of his greatest hits, but also an exclusive look at what goes into a concert tour of this magnitude and the crew who is more like family. Experience this tour from a backstage perspective, with an intimate look into the men and women who work tireless behind the scenes to make it all happen each night.

ClientWarner MusicServicesColor GradingYear2015